Re: The ideal mail client?

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>> The Opera mail client was useless for that sort of thing.  It would
>> bog down for twenty minutes or more, just opening the program.

Guillermo Garron:
> I have found this on the opera help page
> If you are using IMAP with Gmail, go through the following settings
> after setting up your IMAP account, to optimally sync your Gmail
> account with Opera Mail:
> Go to Mail > IMAP Folders.
> Under Accounts select your Gmail account.
> Now, uncheck the following folders:
> [Gmail]/All Mail
> [Gmail]/Spam
> [Gmail]/Trash
> Click Ok
> So, you can unsubscribe from any folder you may want, and therefore,
> it will only sync those folders you want it to.
> hope that helps.

I gave up on it long ago, but it might help someone else.  I was using
it with a local IMAP server (Dovecot on Fedora Core 4).  Unsubscribing
from folder that I wanted to use wouldn't be a solution, though.

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