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On Thursday 06 August 2009 00:36:32 [email protected] wrote:
> > I tried a simple google search and came up empty, but I'm sure there is
> > a method to change the desktop file plasmoid so it covers the entire
> > desktop and behaves similar to KDE3.x.
> I'm sure. With Linux, there's always a way but I won't spend a month
> looking for the solution, mainly given that if teh solution is so hard to
> find for such a fundamental preference, there will be a sleuth of research
> to be done to get acquainted with the rest of the mess.

Make sure widgets are unlocked. Right-click on the folder view widget, choose 
"Folder View Settings". The Location tab opens by default, and the first option 
is "Show the Desktop Folder". That should do it, and it is not rocket science 
to find, three mouse clicks.

// And I don't even use Folder View plasmoid, I just added it to the desktop 
to find this option for you. It took ten seconds total. //

> When you have to learn too much, mainly for something so fundamental, it
> means the software is a badly designed. People have other things to do in
> life than search.

The idea of keeping files on the desktop is the Bad Design, not KDE4. Files 
should be kept in appropriate directories, and should be manipulated with 
Dolphin, while the desktop should be used to display more important things.

Besides, Folder View has been created precisely for people who like to keep 
files on the desktop. And it turned out to be much more powerful than anything 
in KDE3, Gnome, OSX, Windows, and similar --- it is easy to set up several 
Folder View plasmoids on the desktop, point them to different directories, and 
have multiple directory content displayed on the desktop at the same time. 
This is by far **completely impossible** to do on anything other than KDE4, 
and here it is done as a favor to hard-nosed people who insist on keeping files 
on the desktop. Once you realize the flexibility and power of this approach, 
you'll be thanking KDE4 developers for a job well done. :-)

> > For me, nothing beats a clean desktop, and alt-F2. :)


> I used to think like you. I would download every file where it belongs.
> Then I saw how the son of a friend managed his files on a Mac: he was
> saving everything to the desktop.

And you looked up to him??!! Why?

> I decided to this way of doing things and it turned out that, after a
> week, when the desktop gets so cluttered that you don't enjoy the
> background picture anymore, about ¾ of the files may be deleted.

Precisely! So, you were talking about common sense? Why in the world does such 
a mess seem practical? Just keep the files off the desktop!

> The other
> ones often belong to the same folder, where it was previously very easy to
> move them with KDE 3, as there was a menu with the file structure. The
> advantage is you don't have to go through every folder for cleaning. I
> first cleaning is done every week or so.

The advantage of not having any files on the desktop is that this cleaning is 
done much more rarely, if ever. You were talking that you have better things 
to do than waste time searching for unintuitive options. Is cleaning the 
desktop one of those "better things to do"? Seems like an even worse waste of 
time, to me.

> That's the way I think of keeping my system clean. It has nothing to do
> with the Desktop. This worked very well for me with KDE3. I rarely
> downloaded files to a specific directory.

I also rarely download files into some specific directory. All my downloaded 
files go to my home directory. If I later decide that a particular file is worth 
keeping, I move it to some other place, using Dolphin or Krusader, both of 
which are more suitable for this than any desktop interface. All other files 
get purged from home eventually, but by all means never every week! I do it 
like once in two years or so, when I have really nothing better to do...

> I could reinstall KDE3 but, since I have some KDE applications installed,
> it might also turn my system into a mess and GNOME is OK. So, I prefer
> not. Everything works fine now.

I am not sure it is possible to reinstall KDE3 in F11, at least it is far from 
straightforward. There was a lot of discussion about it on this list, you 
might want to search the archives.

> I wish KDE developers lots of success with their new "features". For now,
> they don't seem to catch up much.

KDE4 has a big and growing user base. When it was first introduced, things 
where a bit sharp at the edges, but by now it is a very powerful and beautiful 
desktop environment. People who like traditional, Windows-like desktops can 
use Gnome, XFCE or other. Nevertheless, I hear that Windows-, OSX- and Gnome-
developers are seriously contemplating the idea of going the KDE4-way, and I 
think it is just a matter of time when all desktop environments begin working 
in this fashion. KDE4 just did it first, and will probably be the best and most 
mature in the long run.

Best, :-)

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