Re: Does the nouveau driver support dual monitors ? How ?

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On Wednesday 05 August 2009 16:28:18 Linuxguy123 wrote:
> Kernel installed this morning on my computer during a yum
> update.  There was no kmod-nvidia package.

I suggest using akmod-nvidia instead, from rpmfusion. This will rebuild the 
module during boot, if needed (and if possible).

> Assuming the driver running is nouveau, how does one set up dual display
> functionality ?

I am not sure that nouveau supports this yet, and on which cards, but it also 
depends on the type of dual display you want. Cloned display? Xinerama? Same 
or different resolutions on different outputs? Which outputs specifically (the 
TV-out is not supported by nouveau yet, afaik)? Using one or more graphics 

You need to be more specific, nouveau is still under heavy development, some 
things work, some don't.

> I ask this because a while back I read that using
> xorg.conf for setting things up is kind of taboo these days.  (This was
> in reference to initializing the Synaptics touchpad.)

Why taboo? Though, when I need some kind of acrobatics with the display, I 
usually use xrandr, it is fairly easier and doesn't require root access.

> So... how do I determine what video driver my system is currently
> using ? (lsmod ?)


> How do I configure it to drive the second display ?

(1) yum install akmod-nvidia
(2) man xrandr
(3) wait a couple of days until kmod-nvidia appears in updates

I would try these options in that order.

HTH, :-)

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