Re: F9: smartd errors, how to fix it?

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On 09-08-01 15:45:38, Daniel B. Thurman wrote:
> Is there any way to fix the following problems,
> like forcing fsck or something?
> I am getting smartd errors as reported:
> $ cat /var/log/messages
> [...]
> {repeated messages of the following}
> Aug  1 12:33:26 gold smartd[2820]: Device: /dev/sda, 6 Currently 
> unreadable (pending) sectors
> Aug  1 12:33:26 gold smartd[2820]: Device: /dev/sda, 6 Offline 
> uncorrectable sectors

OK, so you want to rewrite those sectors, but don't know where they 
are.  `fsck` is unlikely to help, as most sectors are not holding the 
filesystem metadata, but actual data or are free.  (As your sectors 
are known bad, they probably are not free.)

There are various rescue tools.  You could use `dd` on every file 
(from `find`, perhaps), and note where it complains.  Some files might
be fixable, others might be recoverable or replaceable, and some will 
just be damaged.  You could use `badblocks` on the disk, and just nuke 
the offending sectors, accepting the damage to unknown files.

I see that Auto Offline Data Collection is enabled.  Usually the 
"every-four-hour" scan will recover sectors as they go bad.  It is a 
bad sign that some have accumulated, if it happened when you had Auto 
Offline Data Collection enabled.

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