Re: Vonage phone service on a network with Fedora... (MAYBE solved)

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On Fri, Jul 31, 2009 at 7:27 PM, Linus Ulrick<[email protected]> wrote:
> Hello Everyone
> I have just (for now...) signed up for Vonage phone service.  My system as is
> was BEFORE I connected the Vonage V-Portal Phone Adapter was like this:
> Two Fedora Linux systems connected to a router that is connected to a cable
> modem that is connected to the Comcast cable that comes out of my wall.  We do
> NOT have any other services from Comcast other than cable internet.  No TV, No
> Phone, just Internet.  I have a dynamic IP address.  But, like with many of us,
> it almost never changes.
> THEN I connected the Vonage V-Portal Phone Adapter like the instructions
> specify.  In short, the adapter goes between the modem and the router.  Which I
> am reasonably sure is the cause of my problems.
> I discovered after I connected the Vonage device that the IP address
> that I have
> had with Comcast had changed for the first time in a REAL long time.  So, in an
> attempt to fix my ability to access the mail server on my Fedora 8
> system from my
> new system (Fedora 11) I changed the IP address on to match the new
> one.  This did not in any way change my situation...  So I had an idea: I
> disconnected the Vonage device, probably did a modem/router power cycle and
> rebooted my PC's.  Guess What?  My IP address changed AGAIN!  Any guesses on
> what it changed to?  The exact same IP address that I had before I
> connected the
> Vonage adapter...  I wasn't exactly too suprised when my email setup started to
> work perfectly again.
> So, my question is, has anyone with two or more Fedora/Linux systems on a local
> network that is also running a mail server on one of the systems been able to
> successfully connect the Vonage V-Portal Phone Adapter to their network and
> still have their network function exactly as it did before the adapter was
> installed?
> Your help is greatly appreciated!

Hello Everyone :)
First of all, thank you for your help so far.  I had the most amazing
thing happen: I called Vonage, and the guy I talked to suggested that
I just plug the adapter directly to the back of our router.  I just
had my dad call our Vonage virtual number and not only did caller ID
pick up his name and phone number, but he successfully(?) left a voice
So, everything is working SO FAR :)

Thanks Again,
Steven P. Ulrick

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