Re: Fedora 11 lm_sensors on ASUS MB solved

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On 09-07-30 19:00:59, Joseph L. Casale wrote:
> >I've read hints of their kowtowing
> >to the wannabe king in Redmond, and going out of their way to make
> life
> >difficult for linux in general.
> FFS, take your tinfoil hat off, jesus...
> >Link plz. :)
> Yes, provide the source of that info:) Maybe it was the troll on
> a Unix list a week or two ago that said "MS knows NTFS is broken
> and won't even run their own corp on it, using Sun instead" as he
> claims to "Know for sure" lol...

Gene wanted to know how I knew that the format of /etc/sysconfig/
lm_sensors had changed in F11.  I told him.  Read before posting.

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