Re: LMV2 boot from another Volume Group?

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Tony Nelson wrote:
> On 09-07-27 10:08:50, Mikkel L. Ellertson wrote:
>> What do you mean by boot from each drive? Are you talking about
>> selecting what drive to boot from in the BIOS, or selecting what
>> drive is / by setting the root=<something> in /boot/grub.conf?
> Either way (with suitable changes to grub.conf).
It gets a bit complicated because Grub uses the BIOS to access the
drives. To use the BIOS to select the drive to boot from, you need a
grub first stage on the MBR of both drives. But the first stage on
the second drive has to point to /boot on the first drive. The
things is, when you change the boot drive in the BIOS, the boot
drive becomes (hd0) and the original drive becomes (hd1). This can
be made to work, but you need to mount /boot from the first
installation in the second installation. It works much better to
have a /boot partition on the second drive. Please keep in mind that
the /boot partition can not be in an LVM.
>> Second question - do the two VGs have different names?
> Yes.
> Even when the boot drive is set in the BIOS to be the drive containing 
> the Volume Group to use, VolGroup01, all Volume Groups are recognized, 
> and then VolGroup00's volumes are activated.  I see that nash has 
> started.  In the initrd, the nash script "init" contains the offending 
> settings.  I suppose I need to use mkinitrd to fix this, so that 
> VolGroup01 (and also VolGroup00 which contains the swap partition) is 
> activated.
It would help to see /boot/grub/grub.conf - I suspect that is part
of the problem. If you run the Gnome desktop, you can run System -->
Administration --> Logical Volume Management for an easy way to
manage LVMs.


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