Re: 'Splain please re: mixer, alsa, pulseaudio and tvtime??

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On Fri, 24 Jul 2009 13:17:34 -0400, William wrote:

> Hi;
> My problem is not yet with tvtime but my question trail starts there.
> tvtime has been upgraded to use alsa for sound rather than OSS.  To do
> that I need to re-set  <option name="MixerDevice" value="default/Line"/>
> to something like mixer="DEVICE[:CH]" e.g hw:0/CD; where DEVICE = hw:0
> and [:CH] = /CD.
> ls /dev/mixer no longer exists.  Where does tvtime find DEVICE and where
> do I find DEVICE?  How do I know it is the new name of the mixer?

Unrelated. Have you ever before posted the file created by

  sudo alsa-info --no-upload --with-amixer --with-devices

? ALSA numbers the audio devices it finds, starting with 0. (That's the
name N number you can pass to alsamixer -cN when using it as an alternative
to tvtime's mixer functionality.)

Related to audio, tvtime can only turn on an audio capture device and
level up its volume. Related to audio, it does nothing beyond that. It
does not decode or play back audio as provided within an a/v stream
created by a digital TV driver.

Have you posted the output in "dmesg" when you modprobe your tv card

What details have you found out about your TV card
( )
and the current Linux kernel driver support? What exactly does it
offer? You use it in digital mode not analogue, right? Then afais
you need some software to play back audio instead of just a mixer
to turn on a channel.

How far have you come with using tvtime for /dev/video0 (as only
the channel chooser) and mplayer for playing the mpeg stream on

> Hopefully, if I
> can solve tvtime or at least be looking at the correct configuration I
> can go on to solve problems with RhythmBox and others.

Audio playback problems in Rhythmbox? It's not so clever to mix too many
problems. Audio in Rhythmbox and audio in tvtime are *very* different.
If you want to discuss rhythmbox, a separate thread could be helpful,
especially as you may want to disable PulseAudio, even if only

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