Re: Ranter or evangelist?

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> Subject: Re: Ranter or evangelist?
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> Date: Thursday, July 23, 2009, 10:32 PM
> 'Tonio wrote:
> > Micro$oft is losing out to google, Twitter, Facebook
> and others.  In a
> > last ditch effort.  Micro$oft is releasing code
> to linux.  Check out
> > this at distrowatch.
> >
> >
> Since Linux is strongon th server market, they want to
> attract them to
> Hyper-V, from what I've read. So?
> > BTW, Redhat also signed a deal with them, are they
> > really falling off
> Red Hat signed "a contract" and Suse signed "a contract",
> so Red Hat ans
> Suse are just the same for both signing "a contract".
> Which "a contract" have both companies signed?
> -- 

The stories about Microsoft releasing code, was more of a another way to cover up for a GPL violation :(

Not really because Micro$oft wants to help out a rival or a plague like Steve Ballmer once said.  The truth comes out sooner or later.




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