Re: F10 automatic F10 upgrades to F11?

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On Wed, Jul 22, 2009 at 9:17 AM, Daniel B. Thurman<[email protected]> wrote:
> For the last several weeks, I have been getting "automatic"
> F11 upgrade notices on my F10 system.  I do not know if
> this is a feature or standard operating procedure for this sort
> of thing since I have never initiated such an upgrade request
> to begin with.
> But then again, I thought to myself... why not?  I was getting
> tired of waiting for the missing gnome `sessions save' package
> which for the most part may never be released for F10.
> So, when I was prompted (automatically from yum?) for F10 to
> F11 upgrade, I proceeded to start the update process.  After
> entering root permission, the upgrade dialog window pops
> and and starting "firing away" with the upgrade process:
>    "Upgrade your system"
> "Preparing system for upgrade"
> + Download release info
> + Download installer images
> + Determine which packages to install
> + Download packages
> + Prepare and test upgrade
> + Ready to begin upgrade
>        [Reboot Now]
> + Pressed the [Reboot Now] button
>  On rebooting, it shutdown the services, rebooted,
>  and grub starts kernel & runs Anaconda.
> + X11 "Finding storage devices... dialogbox pops up
> + X11 Passphrase dialog pops up.  Entered the encrypted disk
>   password & checked the "This is a global passphrase" checkbox
> + X11 "Retrieving installation information for installation repo..."
>   dialogbox pops up
> + "Checking dependencies in packages selected for installation..."
>   & progressbar shows, takes awhile to complete...
> The progressbar got 1/3 of the way, and then suddenly X11 quits
> and proceeds into text mode:
> =============================
> [TIME] Starting graphical installation...
> install exited abnormally [1/1]
> disabling swap...
> [...]
> unmounting filesystems...
> [...]
> you may safely reboot your system
> [cursor]
> =============================
> So, I had to power-cycle the PC to reboot.
> Grub shows:
> ==========================
>  Upgrade to Fedora 11 (Leonidas) *
>  initng boot  *
>  Fedora (
>  Windows 2000
> ==========================
> * = new additions due to the upgrade process.
> ====================================
> I have gone through this about 5 times over the
> course of several weeks, each time, resulting a
> failed upgrade.  I can still boot into my F10 system,
> nothing was lost or corrupted (as far as I can tell) and
> the Upgrade repos still remain in the yum directories.
> Can someone tell me, what is going on, why is it
> that Yum repeatedly does this from time to time
> due to a normal F10 boot, yum F10 updates, and
> occasionally popping up the upgrade process?
> Every time I think "it's gonna work this time..",
> upgrades (from F10 to F11) *always* fails.
> Kind regards,
> Dan

I stopped using Preupgrade after encountering the failure you
described and where it could not locate the drives. You can upgrade
with either the F11 DVD or net-install CD. The DVD might be the better
choice if you have installed a lot of packages. The DVD installer lets
you add additional repositories which results in fewer post install
package updates. Do clean out the cached packages in /var if  you go
this route.

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