RE: Linux on a Dell Studio Hybird, Problems ??

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> Well here it is guys, A fix from deep in the Google archives ,  "nomodeset"
> I have never heard of that one.
> noacpi, xdriver=vesa, etc. etc.  didn't help.
> Is this a new one that just came out ?
> Finally got Fedora 11 installed and it is now updating.
> I just read a new post on Mail-List , Vista won't boot from grub. I
> guess that's another problem I will have to fix.

I had no problem having GRUB boot vista in F9. Haven't tried since then, but basically I partitioned my drive with space for vista (so I didn't have to resize which takes forever) then installed Vista. After vista was up and running, I installed F9 and it put a grub entry in for windows that worked. There may have been a few issues but as I recall it worked well. You could also probably use the Vista boot loader and edit it to load grub if you just stick it on a partition instead of the MBR (/dev/sda1 or whichever is your boot partition instead of /dev/sda).

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