Re: Package kit notification of uprade available [Solved]

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On Sun July 19 2009, Claude Jones wrote:
> I'm typing on my recently pre-upgraded F11 box. It's been working well. I
> have completed several rounds of updates since the upgrade. Yet, just now,
> having just run a bunch of updates which included the latest KDE packages
> and Wine and some other stuff, PackageKit popped a notification that an F11
> upgrade was available? What is that?

For some reason, it turns out there were two Fedora-release packages on my 
system, 10.1 and 11; whether that was some legacy of an incomplete preupgrade 
or whether the older was pulled back in by some dependency issue in a recent 
update, is not clear yet. But removing the old package has stopped the 

Claude Jones
Brunswick, MD, USA

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