Re: install F11 ON a USB-HDD, ... TERRIBLE

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>You can fix this by booting in the rescue mode from the install CD,
>(Can you do this with the netinstall CD?) letting it mount your
>partitions. Cchroot to the mounted system, edit
>/boot/grub/, and re-install grub.

I tried this.  I replaced /dev/sdc by /dev/sda in
on the USB-drive and made grub-install.  It did not work.

As a result, I can no longer boot from the built-in drive!!!

This is a terrible desaster for me.  The built-in drive contains 
my working F10 installation.

I booted from a F10 Installation CD in rescue mode.
The data is still present (under /mnt/sysimage).

Can anyone please explain how can I make the built-drive 
bootable again?



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