Re: [fedora-list] How do a fix a non working kernel installation ?

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--- On Thu, 7/16/09, linux guy <[email protected]> wrote:

> Here is my grub file.  The boot
> partition is /dev/sda1.  That should
> be hd0,0, right ?    The root partition is
> sda2.  That should be
> hd0,1, right ?
> Does anyone see anything wrong with my grub setup ?

Check your /boot/grub/ file, grub-install will change it.
Make sure that it matches grub.conf and /etc/fstab.

I have had to change mine several times after removing/adding drives.

[[email protected] ~]$ cat /boot/grub/
# this device map was generated by anaconda
(hd0)     /dev/sda
(hd1)     /dev/sdb

Mick M.


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