Re: where's my memory?

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Александр Горлов wrote:

> seems to me you used 32-bits OS. THis kind of OS cannot see more then 3GB.
> Please try to send request to google like 3G RAM limit.
> You will receive detail explanation
> 2009/7/14 Neal Becker <[email protected]>
>> I have a argument with another user about memory.  He claims that on
>> running
>> linux on his 4G Dell machine, top only reports 3.something memory, he
>> says
>> the missing space is for pci bus.  I think this is only because he's
>> running
>> 32 bit and that 64 bit would give all the memory.
>> I tried on my 64bit 8G machine, and it reports
>> 8114688k total
>> 8114688 * 1024 = 8309440512 (assuming top 'k' is 1024)
>> 2**33 = 8589934592
>> The diff is:
>>  280494080
>> I know some will be kernel space, but that doesn't account for 280M.
>> --
But those numbers are from F11 on x86_64, not 32 bit.

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