Re: any known working USB/serial converters?

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Gene Heskett wrote:
On Tuesday 07 July 2009, Steve Underwood wrote:
Robert P. J. Day wrote:
  a while back, i was whining about the lack of functionality of a
particular USB/serial converter:

  does anyone have such a converter that just plain works out of the
box?  i'm more than happy to buy and try another brand if it's the
prolific product that's causing the trouble.
The log shown there lists a Prolific pl2303 USB serial converter chip.
I've been using various converters based on those with Linux for several
years, and never had a problem. I use them at speeds up to 460800bps.

yes, and in a low traffic situation, they will throw away the first byte of a
packet about 10% of the time. That is enough to make them worthless for most
apps. Use FTDI stuff.

My experience is completely the opposite. I found the FTDI devices useless. They keep hiccuping or locking up completely. I've used the prolific devices in applications from intermittent bursts at 1200bps, to endless streaming at 460800bps. I also use them in applications where the adaptor is powering opto couplers, and the voltages end up way off. I've never had problems.

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