Re: How do you know when a reboot is required after yum update?

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Konstantin Svist wrote:
> Well, actually...
> They make special patches for kernel which can be applied to a running
> kernel.
> Not sure this one is open source, but there probably will be one soon :)

Well, it is and it's even packaged in Fedora, but they don't produce patches 
for Fedora kernels and it's nontrivial to create them (they have some 
automated tools which work on the source code patches, but you need to feed 
them the patches by hand as the Fedora updates don't contain them in an 
appropriate format and those tools don't handle data structure changes, 
which makes them unusable for Fedora's kernel updates; I've been told that 
they now have infrastructure to handle data structure changes, but it 
requires writing patch scripts by hand and they aren't providing that 
service for Fedora).

        Kevin Kofler

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