Re: How do you know when a reboot is required after yum update?

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Donald Russell wrote:
> Obviously a reboot is required when loading a new kernel....
> But in general, does yum leave some breadcrumb clue that some other
> process can check? For example, maybe there's something in the package
> files that yum sees and creates a "/rebootRequired" file which is always
> deleted upon booting?
> If not, I think that'd be a cool idea.. the file could be
> /rebootRequired.txt
> and contain a plain text list of packages that caused the condition. :-)
> Thanks
I cheat - I have this little icon that pops up on my top tool bar
that tells me when I have updates. It changes when I tell it to
install updates, showing me the progress. When it is all don, it
vanishes, unless I need to do something like log out, or reboot...

Yes, I'm a dirty old man ...
and I'll be one until I'm a DEAD old man!

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