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  I would like some input on disk partitions.
I bought a 1TB sata drive, it works fine,

At the moment my system has 3 drives 1 160M IDE and 2 sata 250M and 1TB.
The IDE is for XP, as it will not see the SATA drives.

I want to remove the IDE drive and install XPx64 on the new drive as a VirtualBox image.
I also want to install F11 on that drive.

My other SATA drive is F10, I want to leave that alone and dual boot F10/F11.

OK  - what do you suggest for partitions on this drive?
I want to use "regular" partitions - not the default LVM stuff.

I was thinking:
1 /boot ext3 200M
2 swap 82    4G ( I have 2G memory)
3 / ext4    250G
4 extended   rest about 750G with ext3 

Will VirtualBox work with ext4?



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