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m wrote:
> I would point you to Firefox for instance, which by some(not I) is
> reported to be a very insecure browser. There was an article, a while
> back, that pointed out that it had more software vulnerabilities than
> other browsers in I think it was 06 or 07. On the surface the article
> seemed legit but proprietary browsers do not disclose all insecurities
> found, only the publicly reported ones, where as Firefox, this is my
> understanding please correct if wrong, reports all security issues
> including the ones found in internal audits. So yes Firefox had more
> reported problems but only because they disclose all of them. So who can
> I trust? Just me it seems and the few friends that I have, signed keys
> ,as pointed out by others, is no guarantee that things were or are done
> properly. That for me anyway is what the issue of trust comes down too,
> consistency, its based on that, that I decide whether I can trust them
> or just trust them to be themselves.

Konqueror is not a proprietary browser, and I trust KDE to disclose all the
vulnerabilities they fix, yet it has a lot fewer security issues than

        Kevin Kofler

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