Re: F-9 rescue disk?

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Mikkel L. Ellertson wrote:
Bob Goodwin wrote:
Tim wrote:
If I recall correctly, the Live CD is already usable as a rescue disc,
just choose the appropriate option when you boot.  Check the notes to be

No, if that should work then nothing will I guess?

It begins to boot but shows a mess of permission errors and then " init:
tty5 respawning too fast, stopped"  and that's all she wrote!

I've probably lost it ...

Maybe I should try the F-10 Lice CD since it was in the process of
changing things over?

The live CD will boot the computer if I let it go but then I don't know
how to get on the original files on my hard drives?  I've never been
confronted with this problem until now.


Dumb question - how are you booting into the rescue mode? (The steps
you are taking - not just boot from live CD.)

The Live CD presents a normal grub screen when you hit enter and offers several options, boot from local drive, seems appropriate. That produces the same result as if I just let the boot proceed normally without the CD. I get a raft of errors and it finally gives up and says stopped.

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