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>> Isn't that why it has a search feature?  To find the things for you that
>> you can't find in its chaos.

Gene Heskett:
> What search feature?  You mean find files/folders?  One needs a valid name, 
> and I know how to run locate, which seems to be about 3 magnitudes faster. :)

The one in the KDE menu, to find KDE menu items that you can't find.
The one that gets mentioned to me any time that I've said something
about the slowness/chaos of the KDE menu system.  Of course, you need to
know an applicable keyword to enter.

>> When all else fails, locate the sound files used when starting and
>> stopping, and re-record them at quarter volume levels.

> And how to do that when you have no idea of that particular pair of filenames?
> Chuckle. There is always a smartass in the crowd, usually me, Tim. :)

Use locate to find sound files (ogg, au, wav, whatever...), play what
sounds likely to be the start and stop sounds, or dump the lot into
something like xmms, and listen to them all.  When you find the right
ones, you can modify them.

A brute force and ignorance approach, but it works.  I found all sorts
of interesting sound effects that way, before.  And pranked mum by
making her computer make animal noises for each and every feature her
sound preferences had actions for.  Drove her mad for a couple of days,
before I relented and removed them.  ;-)

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