Apparent total loss of all Raid 1 data from both drives`

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system: motherboard = ASUS P5Q with INTEL 64 bit  core 2 processor.
memory = 8 gig
Drives in Raid 1 array = 2 Seagate 500 Gb 7200 RPM (Personal Data)
Linux = Fedora 10-64

System has been operating flawlessly for 4 Months.  Raid disks have (had) 2 years of important personal data plus several Virtual Box virtual systems.

While operating normally I was having some access problems so I ran Selinux Manager to review information then exited.

About an hour later I again ran Selinux Manager and the gui screen frame work came up but the data panels were empty and none of the
controls were functioning.

My first thought ended up totally wrong, I rebooted.

After the Mushroom cloud cleared F10 would not complete bootup and produced long lists of similar errors. ERGO 2 years of data (both drives) appear to
be blank.

This situation brings up the "pit of the stomach" feeling that I do not have a tool of any kind which will allow me to do my magic of
trouble shooting.  Since the system will not complete booting.

Any help would be very much appreciated.  I have reloaded F10 (on the boot drive) but both drives from the original Raid 1 still appear to be totally

It is paradoxical how much the total loss of years of work and data teaches about better backup functionality.

Thanks for the help.
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