Re: selinux-policy-3.5.13-46.fc10.noarch - slight hiccup!

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On Monday 02 March 2009 21:46:34 Daniel J Walsh wrote:
> Mike Cloaked wrote:
> > I have just updated some f10 boxes a few minutes ago. On logging on again
> > after rebooting to the new kernel this evening, the main user directories
> > have had their contexts changed to usr_t so I presume some kind of
> > relabelling has been done - but not correctly!  After restorecon -vR
> > /home/user the contexts have mostly reverted to where they should be - I
> > initially noticed because ssh suddenly started demanding a passphrase
> > when it should not need one - and then I noted avc denials.....
> >
> > This is for selinux-policy-3.5.13-46.fc10.noarch and the related targeted
> > policy.
> >
> > I have tested on several systems and so far all is well after doing
> > restorecon -vR /home
> > as root to fix all user areas in one go.  Any one user can fix their own
> > user area by doing restorecon -vR /home/user
> > I presume that this will lose any chcon changes - but any contexts that
> > were saved as a rule using semanage fcontext presumably should be
> > restored - though I have not had time to explore all directories yet.
> >
> > This update was pushed to stable today so presumably it will take a while
> > to sync to all mirrors.
> This is very strange, I have no idea why SELinux update would do this,
> and suspect that something else might have gone wrong.  Were there other
> packages in the update?
> I will update my F10 and see what is going on.
> Could be someone is doing a chcon -t usr_t in a post install script?
> selinux-policy should only be doing the equivalent of a restorecon -vR
> in its post install.  Actually executes fixfiles
> "fixfiles -C ${FILE_CONTEXT}.pre restore"
> Which figures out what was different between the old file context and
> the new and runs restorecon on them.

I have to agree with Daniel here. I've just done an upgrade and rebooted 
without any problems.

[[email protected] ~]$ rpm -qa --last | grep selinux
selinux-policy-targeted-3.5.13-46.fc10        Tue Mar  3 08:13:10 2009
selinux-policy-3.5.13-46.fc10                 Tue Mar  3 08:12:51 2009




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