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On Mon, Feb 23, 2009 at 12:31 PM, Michael Pace <[email protected]> wrote:
>     I am a newbie who is unsure as to which Linux devices I should start with.Can anyone help me with this.
>    Is Fedora the latest on offer? Is it suitable for a beginner? Thanks for any help.

                                  Mike Pace

You'll discover from the start that you need to do a bit of reading.
Fedora is said to be "bleeding edge", there is a new release every six months.
Much new stuff is in fedora, but it may be so bleeding edge that there may be
hardware issues, so be sure to check some of the links I provide.

Some posters might volunteer information on the hardware they have succesfully
For example, I recently installed Fedora 10 using an ASUS P5Q motherboard
using a Nvidia GeForce9600 GSO card and Corsair PC 6400 DDR2 800MHz
memory and a Intel Core2 Quad 8400.  But the mobo does not like PATA drives.
Many Asus motherboards require a BIOS update in order to
use certain CPUs (go to, click on the Support tab and then
select CPU Support to check)
When buying your  hardware, consider the type of video you'll use: DVI, VGA,
built-in, additional card? Will it be PATA or SATA hard drive
interface? Does the
motherboard support PS2 or just USB keyboard/mouse?

A good place to start

Click on the Hardware link here

Other sites

Fedora is not very friendly for first time users, but you have this
mailing list to
help you along the way. Try the LiveCD to test it out. If you prefer, try out
other linux flavors like Ubuntu or CentOS.

When you need help always be specific and clear on what you ask.

Hope that helps.

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