Re: Tune started from rc.local plays to completion, before bootup continues

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Nigel Henry wrote:
> aplay -D hw:0 /usr/local/Summer-in-the-city.wav

This takes up the hw:0 device for your aplay command...

> The problem now, is that the tune is playing when I login to either Gnome,
> or KDE, and continues to completion when logged in, but after the tune
> finishes, I have no sounds in either Gnome or KDE, depending on which
> desktop I'd logged into.

... and thus PulseAudio cannot use the device and thus you get no sound.

Playing sound before your desktop session is started is simply not the use
case PulseAudio is designed for.

You might be able to get it to work with a system-wide instance of
PulseAudio instead of a session-wide one (the default), but this type of
setup is only partially supported (the PulseAudio developer recommends
against it).

        Kevin Kofler

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