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Apologies for the laziness, but I figured some of you out there might
have an opinion as to a good alternative to mysql-query-browser.
Preferrably something already *in* Fedora. :-)

mysql-query-browser isn't too bad, but I don't like how you can only
have one query at a time in your query window, and I wish there was a
way to auto-format a large block of SQL into something readable.

In the past I've used Aqua Data Studio (commercial) and Tora.  Tora is
slick but requires that the Oracle Client libraries be installed on
your system.  Its MySQL support was kind of an after though I believe
and relies on QT functionality to provide it.  I haven't tried it since
the FC3 days and have no idea if it would even work to talk to MySQL

Anyways, suggestions appreciated!


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