Re: FreeCAD-0.7.1779 and Fedora10

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Joachim Backes wrote:
> I tried this already, but did not help. The configure script seems to be
> rather buggy. Combing through the FreeCAD forums, I saw that there are
> similar issues concerning UBUNTU platforms, especially for those users
> who have installed qt3 and qt4 in parallel (which i have too).

--with-qt4-dir=/usr --with-qt4-bin=/usr/lib/qt4/bin
--with-qt4-dir=/usr/lib/qt4 --with-qt4-include=/usr/include --with-qt4-lib=/usr/lib
(I looked at their acinclude.m4 and those are the switches they expect.)

On lib64 platforms, you'd want:
--with-qt4-dir=/usr --with-qt4-bin=/usr/lib64/qt4/bin --with-qt4-lib=/usr/lib64
--with-qt4-dir=/usr/lib64/qt4 --with-qt4-include=/usr/include --with-qt4-lib=/usr/lib64

If you package it as an RPM, in the specfile, please use:
--with-qt4-dir=%{_prefix} --with-qt4-bin=%{_qt4_bindir} --with-qt4-include=%{_qt4_headerdir} --with-qt4-lib=%{_qt4_libdir}
--with-qt4-dir=%{_qt4_prefix} --with-qt4-bin=%{_qt4_bindir} --with-qt4-include=%{_qt4_headerdir} --with-qt4-lib=%{_qt4_libdir}

(I'm not sure where exactly the qt4-dir is used other than as a default for
the other 3 settings, so try both /usr and /usr/lib/qt4 for that one.)

But the configure script sucks for not figuring it out automatically. If
they used CMake, it'd just work. (They wouldn't have to write their own
broken Qt 4 detection because CMake already includes a working one.) Death
to the autotools!

        Kevin Kofler

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