Re: Vlc seg faults?

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On Wednesday 04 February 2009 20:14, Daniel B. Thurman wrote:
> Fedora 9 w/ latest updates
> Perhaps some do not use VLC, but in any case it seg faults?
> Feb  4 11:10:35 gold kernel: vlc[27715]: segfault at aeff7fd0 ip
> 0058ad6c sp aeff7fd4 error 6 in[51b000+163000]
> Feb  4 11:11:10 gold kernel: vlc[27787]: segfault at aeffafe0 ip
> 0058ad6c sp aeffafe4 error 6 in[51b000+163000]
> Feb  4 11:11:29 gold ntpd[2729]: kernel time sync status change 0001
> Feb  4 11:12:06 gold kernel: vlc[27887]: segfault at aeff7fe0 ip
> 0058ad6c sp aeff7fe4 error 6 in[51b000+163000]
> Feb  4 11:12:10 gold kernel: vlc[27906]: segfault at aeef9ff0 ip
> 0058ad6c sp aeef9ff4 error 6 in[51b000+163000]
> Feb  4 11:12:14 gold kernel: vlc[27926]: segfault at af0f7fd0 ip
> 0058ad6c sp af0f7fd4 error 6 in[51b000+163000]
> Anyone have this problem?

Hi Daniel.

I'm only referencing playing DVD's here, but vlc plays them ok on F9, as does 
Mplayer, and I've just got Kaffeine playing them as well, using the gstreamer 

I'm using an Asus M2N-X Plus mobo with an ati pci-express graphics card. 
Fedora 9 has chosen to use the radeon driver for this card, but other distros 
on this same machine have chosen different graphics drivers. For example, the 
Archlinux install, which has the same vlc version as Fedora 9 is using the 
ati driver, and vlc works ok on that.

I also have Ubuntu, and Kubuntu Intrepid 8.10 installs on the same machine. 
they are using the qt version of vlc (0.9.4 Grishenko), and both these 
distros have installed using the vesa graphics driver. Vlc will not play 
dvd's. I get the menu, and about a half second of sound and video, then the 
playback stops. I won't ramble on, but think this may have something to do 
with the vesa graphics driver on the Ubuntu/Kubuntu Intrepid installs, and 
the vlc qt version.

I removed vlc from the Kubuntu Intrepid install, and installed the older 
version of vlc from the Kubuntu hardy repo, which has vlc 0.8.6a janus 
(wxWidgets Interface). That version of vlc works fine on Kubuntu Intrepid, 
with the vesa graphics driver.

On my Kubuntu/Ubuntu Intrepid installs, Totem, Ogle, Kaffeine, and Xine play 
dvd's ok. It's just a problem with the qt version of vlc (0.9.4 Grishenko).

I've just rebooted to F8 on the same machine. Vlc is version 0.8.7 Janus 
(wxWidgets interface), and plays dvd's ok, and that is using the vesa 
graphics driver.

Personally, I'd try downloading, and installing the F8 version of vlc from the 
rpmfusion repo, if it's still available, as F8 is now no longer supported.

Just some observations from problems I've had with vlc on Ubuntu/Kubuntu 
Intrepid, using the qt version of vlc, and perhaps related to the graphics 
card driver being used.

Sorry if this is a bit of a ramble, but I've already posted my problem to 3 
mailing lists, including videolan, but with no replies. I've fixed my vlc 
problem on Ubuntu/Kubuntu Intrepid, by using an earlier version of vlc. The 
same may work for you.

All the best.


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