Re: Assistance with DHCP server setup.

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On Wed, 28 Jan 2009 17:48:35 -0700
Craig White wrote:

> > I spent days once attempting to get dynamic DNS update to work. I
> > finally found it less work to hack up a C program that used inotify
> > to notice when the leases file was modified, and run a perl script
> > to update the DNS info and tell bind to reread its files :-).  
> ----
> I always set it up with ddns and perhaps I was just lucky but it works
> well. I thought the documentation seemed clear enough and it expires
> ddns entries too. I even got it working with multiple domain names.

I think there was some magic I never decrypted because I wanted
the DHCP server to provide the name as well as the IP addr and
bind didn't want to dynamically update both forward and reverse
lookup tables (or something like that :-).

The inotify thing turned out to be useful for other stuff as well.
Since the machines involved are all virtual machines, I had
inotify notice when a new virtual machine description file appeared
and automatically update the DHCP config to serve a host name that
matches the virtual machine config file name (which worked really well
till NetworkManager started appearing on my virtual machines and
refusing to accept a hostname from DHCP at boot time :-).

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