F10 + VirtualBox + USB scanner + windows guests

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I installed VirtualBox-2.1.2_41885_fedora9-1.i386 under the actual F10 (with all most recent updates). I configured the USB controller and an USB scanner correctly (as I mean) in VirtualBox.
As guest systems, I run win2000 and WinXp. But: the USB scanner is not
shown in both windows hardware inventories: the USB adapter is shown,
but scanner does not exist.
NB: I followed all advices for /etc/fstab's entry:

none	/proc/bus/usb	usbfs 	devgid=501,devmode=666 0 0

501 is the gid of the vboxusers group entry.

Can somebody help?

Kind regards

Joachim Backes <[email protected]>

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