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Robert L Cochran wrote:
> I do own a Kindle and I have connected it to my Fedora 7 machine (yeah,
> I know Fedora 7 is way out of date, I hope to finally upgrade later this
> year.) The Kindle just appears to be another hard drive. I also happen
> to have a 4 Gb flash card installed in mine, and I can see that, too, as
> another hard drive.
> I can't remember if my Kindle can read a PDF file directly or if the pdf
> has to be converted to *.azw format. It reads HTML and I have added PDF
> books but I think I first converted those to *.azw.) I do not like my
> Kindle.
> The Kindle has been available for more than a year now, I believe, but
> there hasn't been one single firmware update made available to improve
> its numerous failings.
> It does not handle pdf's, even converted ones, correctly.
> It shows images only in grayscale. Not having a color Kindle when you
> can get a color netbook for close to the same price is a waste of money.
> If I had a choice (with hindsight) I'd now buy a netbook. They do more
> and are still very portable.
> A similar device is the iRex iLiad. It costs more than the Kindle. I
> don't know if it is still being marketed.
> The Kindle forums on Amazon had one guy who claimed to be a medical
> doctor and I don't understand how he was able to use his Kindle for
> study. The Kindle simply does not do text, images, or HTML tables very
> well. Doctors are expected to study books which are of extremely complex
> nature.
> Please note: I am saying all the above after having downloaded only one
> free sample chapter of a Kindle-ized book, and I have never bought a
> Kindle Store book from Amazon.
> My impression of the Kindle is that its total purpose is to give you,
> the buyer, an extremely limited experience. And give Amazon a broad,
> rewarding bottom-line experience.
> Maybe I really should order that netbook....
> Bob Cochran
> <snip>
FWIW, I own a Kindle and, for reading the Kindle'ized ebooks it rocks
AFAIC.  I was given one for Christmas (along with a gift card for
Amazon) and, to be frank, have read probably a dozen books on it since
then.  For just reading books it's great...very easy on the eyes.  I
wish it had a few more features than it has (like displaying time, maybe
being able to check weather) but that's not really what it's for in the
first place.  I read alot (can you tell?) and have found it to be
remarkable...the only complaint (hah!) that I might have is in how easy
it is to search for a book that I want and, if they have it, download it
(takes about 10 seconds typically)...but maybe that's not really a fault
of the Kindle but my own inability to go for more than a couple of hours
without a new book to read.

Haven't tried anything as far as with F10 yet...did try to connect it to
a VirtualBox "usb" port with no success.


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