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I hope someone who's using VMware on fedora can spot what I'm missing here. I've posted this to VMware linux gogle group by that's a very low-traffic list. Maybe someone here can help.
Windows n00b here. I've installed a WinXP image, hosted on fedora and
need to be able to see websites served by the host.

host: Fedora 7
guest: WinXP

. vmnet0 is bridged to eth0
. vmnet8 is a NAT network on private subnet
. vmnet1 is a host-only network on private subnet

I have bridged networking working fine, internet works, etc. However,
what I need to do (and the sole reason for this guest install) is to
be able to see websites served by the host. I've been plugging away at
this for hours with no luck. And my google-fu is really lacking here--
I can't seem to find the right phrase to search on, though this must
be a really common setup.

Host IP is and the hostname is apollo. I've given the
guest a static IP:

The WinXP hosts file has:   apollo

From the guest, I can ping both the host IP and "apollo".

I've fiddled with XP's firewall ICMP settings and I can ping the guest from the host.
The WinXP firewall is running but I've set the Local Area Connection to
allow HTTP. Though I'm not at all sure that that's what I think it is.
Like I said, I'm a real Windows n00b. At least, it's been many years
since I used Win2k on a regular basis. Even then, MS's networking
settings were always a mystery to me.

I've gotten VMware up and running before in this very fashion but
that, too, was quite some time ago. Can anyone see something I'm
missing here?

My final goal, though, is to use NAT, but I was having enough trouble getting that to work. I have no need at all for this guest to see the outside world. If I can at least get it to work in bridged mode, I'll be happy.
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