How to adapt F9 initrd to new motherboard/chipset, was: F9 doesn't find swap or /root system on new motherboard

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First, thanks for the help I already got and a short summary of what I
already said in the original thread.

I had fedora 9 x86_64 merrily running on an AMD /ASUS A8N-VM CSM
motherboard with nVidia chipset (GE6150). The board died without warning,
and I replaced it with the closest equivalent I could find these days
around here, that is an ASUS M3N78-EM with GeForce 8300.

Now Grub boots the kernel, but right after initrd cannot see the root
partition on the hard disk, because it doesn't have the right module (as
it was created on the old motherboard, which had a different chipset. See
the other thread for details).

Now, unlike what I said yesterday, tonight I *may* have a possibility to
boot with a F9 x86_64 install DVD in rescue mode (as in "I can't leave
home today and my optical drive broke too, but just now I found a friend
which can borrow me the DVD and a working optical drive to plug to the

Considering this, may I ask you please to sum up again
what I should do fix initrd to make it see the root partition through the
new chipset? I do know that most of this information is already in the
original thread, but I would really appreciate such help, since it was
given in a different context. Above all, I'd be much more comfortable if
somebody with more competence on this, and with a clearer mind than I have
in these hours, could confirm what ought to be done.

Thank you all for your patience and help, both the one you gave yesterday
and in the future.


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