Re: HOWTO: Use KDE 3 from F8 on F10

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On Fri, 16 Jan 2009 07:00:46 -0600
Rex Dieter wrote:

> Kevin Kofler wrote:
> > Roberto Ragusa wrote:
> >> I'm not writing all the details here now, but if anyone is
> >> interested, I can do it (and publish the spec files if
> >> someone wants to try).
> > 
> > Please don't. We don't want our users to run unsupported software,
> > and we especially don't want you to make it easy for them to do
> > that.
> As long as Roberto makes it clear that making such changes are
> unsupported, and if anything breaks, you're on your own and get to
> keep the pieces... 
> That said, I would have much preferred that folks (like Roberto) who 
> want/need KDE3 made more effort to work *with* fedora and and the
> fedora kde-sig to try to make sure everything is kosher.  I've
> extended quite a few invitations for such in the past... without any
> takers, so far.  *shrug*.  
> Not that I was expecting any.  I'll be honest to say that my ulterior
> motive was that as soon as anyone took a look at this closely and
> seriously, they'd soon find out how difficult (perhaps impossible) a
> problem it was...
> -- Rex

Is the Fedora 10 KDE 4.2 spin still available? If so, it might be 
worthwhile to repost the link to it. (I'd do it if I hadn't lost the
address). I've been running it on a spare partition for about a month,
and it is one helluva big improvement over the earlier Fedora KDE
versions, and gets better with every update.

-- cmg

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