Re: HOWTO: Use KDE 3 from F8 on F10

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Roberto Ragusa wrote:
> Hi all,
> I just want to share with the list that with the same approach
> which let me upgrade from F8 to F9 avoiding the KDE 3 -> 4
> migration ("Successfully upgraded to F9 while keeping KDE 3"
> thread), I was able to upgrade the same machine to F10.
> So it now runs F10 with KDE 3.5.10 from F8 updates.
> As for F8->F9, some compatibility rpms had to be compiled
> with little modifications to the spec files.
> I'm not writing all the details here now, but if anyone is
> interested, I can do it (and publish the spec files if
> someone wants to try).
> F10 is great, but KDE 4 is still not able to convince me to
> leave KDE 3 behind.
> Best regards.

Hope very much to see the actual HOWTO sometime soon!!

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