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On Sat, 2009-01-10 at 12:59 +1100, Simon Slater wrote:
> What then, is a sub-net?

A division of one network into more than one.  e.g. Such as in an
office, you might carve up your LAN into upstairs and downstairs, so
that everything on the same floor is common, but segregated from the
other floor.  It puts some separation of traffic, so that one floor
doesn't use all the LAN bandwidth to the detriment of the other
(assuming some common equipment between them).  And it makes life easier
in using the right printer, the one near you (and things like that).

The subnet mask, the thing being discussed, is the thing
that tells the equipment where the boundary is (our LAN or not our LAN;
or more to the point, our subnet of it, versus not).

> Okay, for a small private network of up to 2 dozen boxes, is there a
> standard or convention for selecting the final numbering system,  eg
> to 125 vs to 25 ?  Is there a need to
> distinguish between computer,printer or router in the numbering
> heirarchy?

Not really.  Although it's common practice to make a router either an
x.y.z.254 address, or x.y.z.1 address.  But nothing really depends on
using such a scheme, other than some old windows clients that, pretty
much, demanded that the interconnect sharing computer (a computer acting
as a router), was

If you're using a system which mixes a DHCP server along with statically
configured computers.  Find out how your DHCP server doles out its
addresses (or configure it how you want it to), and then use one range
of IPs just for static addresses (e.g. x.y.z.1-100), and the rest for
DHCP assigned ones (x.y.z.101-200).

Alternatively, the easier solution can be to have everything use DHCP to
have addresses assigned, then configure the DHCP server to always assign
certain equipment the same IP.

One way or another, you want servers to have their IP address to always
stay the same (file servers, mail servers, print servers, web servers,

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