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Giuseppe Fuggiano wrote:
Hi list.

I recently installed Fedora and today I got a little time after work
to configure it on my laptop.  The first thing I did was configure the
network to access to the internet and to my LAN at home.  To test the
connection I used netcat to listen to a dummy port, as I usually do.
The thing I discovered is that nc on Fedora has a different manpage, a
different binary and almost different syntax.


On every other distribution nc is the same and has the same syntax.
Why does Fedora used a different version, maybe patched or totally
different application... with the same name?

How can I be totally sure that netcat is the only command with a
different syntax?  Should I learn other syntaxes for each command,
again?  :O

I'd like to have the original software in my Linux distribution, and
as closed as possible to other distros (which probably use the

Maybe this netcat is another version of the original, also shipped by
its author which I've never seen before...

Thanks for explanations.

Welcome to current!  Or, more current. :)

There are a LOT of major changes from

nc-1.10 (RHE4)
nc-1.84 (F10)

I suspect you are experiencing only version differences.

The man pages from the two versions above are VERY different, although common options seem to be the same.
Good luck!

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