Re: Why Fedora 10 still uses openssl pkg from 2007, 4 releases old?

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Todd Denniston wrote:
Frantisek Hanzlik wrote, On 01/08/2009 05:42 PM:
After upgrading from F7 to F10 it's unable (for me, but on several sites)
I wonder if I can be the first in this thread to ask you to read the

BTW what bugzilla number?
Hello Todd

and all Fedora users, I'm sorry for my posting (I know what you referenced) -
- I was (excuse me) too lazy for creating new mail and I take some in
fedora-list (reason only for not typing list address by hand), erase it's
body and then I type my post. And just I see in my outcomming mail
header keyword "References: " from original mail, which was probably main
matter of my mistake.

Please, I have sent my post again?

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