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On Thursday 08 January 2009 12:07:07 Chris Jones wrote:
> > Nothing from multiverse is on the shipped CDs, nor is it enabled by
> > default.  It's exactly the same as rpmfusion, etc..  You have to add it
> > to sources.list yourself.
> Indeed. All ubuntu does beyond Fedora is make it a little easier for the
> user to add these additional repos if they choose to do so, by
> acknowledging they exist and having a few tools to aid the user in
> adding them if they wish to. Fedora on the other hand completely ignores
> the additional repos and it is up to the user to find out about them
> themselves. The default installation of ubuntu is as open and GPL as
> Fedora is, IMHO (YMMV).
Where is Canonical's base?  Country of origin makes a difference as to whether 
links to such things are legal or not.


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