Re: Is this problem solvable?

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Chris Snook wrote:
Timothy Murphy wrote:
Before leaving home on a visit to Italy (where I am now)
I re-booted my server.
I noticed that shorewall did not print out its usual messages,
but foolishly did not check what caused this.
Now I can ping the machine,
but cannot ssh into it (I chose a strange port)
or access its web-server.

My question is: given that I can ping the machine,
is there any way I can re-boot it remotely,
or even just re-start shorewall?
If there is, it's a very serious bug.

-- Chris

To do it yourself would be a bad bad bug, as Chris mentioned. Now, doing it the manual way, if you have a person available that has physical access to the server, you can reboot it remotely, and restart shorewall rather easily and without a bad security hole.


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