Re: Network interfaces refusing to start on boot: F10

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Tom Horsley wrote:
On Tue, 06 Jan 2009 13:55:16 -0700
Phil Meyer wrote:

For the vast majority of installs, NetworkManager is a blessing.
What you mean is for the vast majority of installs on laptops
owned by folks who flit from one hotspot to another. I certainly
have no idea if that is the same as vast majority of fedora
installs (nor do I have any idea how to find out).

Let me refine my statement.

I personally install as many as 20 Linux systems a week, on all kinds of hardware, for both home and business users, as well as servers. Many of those are 'lab' installs, but my 'lab' changes daily. :)
For all but the servers, NetworkManager has been made the default by my
custom installer since F8. And since I am the 'support' person these
folks turn to, its been to my advantage.
It just works.

I learned early on to provide for wireless firmware issues, and have a collection as part of my installer. Besides that issue, F10, in particular, has been rock solid on all systems installed and tested so far, including a monster server utilized as a master VM. The VM clients are about 20% faster utilizing the improvements in KVM over the VMWare that others use here. I am looking forward to the changes coming for KVM in a near kernel release. It just gets better.
I personally have installed F10 on Dell mini-Inspirons (netbooks),
although for the majority of purchases, we ordered with Ubuntu and left
it on there -- let them call Dell instead of me; but it uses
NetworkManager, as well, and well.
Also included in my F10 install experience has been desktops and desktop
replacement notebooks. My own desktop is a 17" laptop tethered to a 24"
monitor while at work.
In each case, except the servers, NetworkManager has been a blessing for
me, the sole support person (and I, as a large system UNIX admin, hate
doing PC support; maybe that is the real reason no-one calls me!), and
also, to the end user who does not need or want to understand
configuration files.
YMMV, as always.

Good Luck!

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