Re: Strange MTU-ish problem

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Frank Cox wrote:

>> I found with ipconfig under windows
>> that fragmentation occurred with packet length > 1464
>> (I didn't find an equivalent Fedora application),
> Just ping something.

Under Windows XP Run=>cmd I get

ping -f -l 1490
Packet needs to be fragmented but DF set
<repeated several times>

ping -f -l 1460
Reply from ...bytes = 56 (sent 1460) time = 81ms ...
<repeated several times>

Is there a similar option for ping under Fedora?

To return to my original question,
I wonder if "sudo ifconfig eth1 mtu 1460"
does not in fact have the required effect?
(It does change the MTU, as given by ifconfig;
but I wondered if the change had to be made
somewhere else as well?)

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