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On Thu, 01 Jan 2009 03:42:50 -0500, Mike Williams wrote:
> Not sure what is built-in, also have not used apcupsd, but nut works
> fine with apc gear and will shutdown the system after a configurable
> time period or battery charge level.

> If you have multiple computers plugged into the same UPS nut has the
> ability to have one system monitor the UPS and other systems can get the
> UPS status via the network so they can all do an orderly shutdown if the
> line power is gone too long.

	I run four to six computers (four PCs, a laptop occasionally, and 
an EeePC occasionally) from three APC UPSs. I always install nut (rather 
than apcupsd, because of praise on some LUG list); and my latest UPS, I 
think it was, did come with a funny-looking cable, meant I understand 
precisely for connecting it to a PC that can monitor it.

	But I've never gotten around to figuring out what to do to link 
it all up. (Btw, there's one more PC, with its own APC UPS, on the LAN; 
it sits downstairs on my wife's desk.)

	I'm old and slow and busy; I can live (and have been living 
<sigh>) with jumping up whenever a UPS keeps on screeching, to go from 
machine to machine shutting down, and then from UPS to UPS turning them 
off. I can live with that, I say, rather than face a big learning curve; 
but if (big IF?) there's a site somewhere with a recipe leading 
subtechnoids through configuring such a setup, I suppose I ought to try 

	Anybody know of one?

Beartooth Staffwright, PhD, Neo-Redneck Linux Convert
Remember I know precious little of what I am talking about.

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