F9. KDE. Lost restart, and shutdown buttons after latest update

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I initially had one user set up on F9, and had all 3 buttons (logout, restart, 
and shutdown) available when pressing the "leave" button on KDE's menu. I 
added another user, and still had all 3 options when pressing the leave 
button. that applied to whichever user I was logged in to.

The latest updates as of 20081216, which updated a load of KDE stuff, have 
reset the goalposts somewhat, as now when I press the leave button for either 
user, all I get is the option to logout. The restart, and shutdown buttons no 
longer exist.

Anyone know which file to edit, to get all 3 options showing again, when I 
press the leave button in KDE's menu.

I've been into system settings > advanced > session manager, and the "offer 
shutdowns options" box is still checked.

Any pointers to resolve the problem will be very welcome.


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