Re: Eclipse not working on F10

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On Tuesday 23 December 2008 09:10:48 Andrew Overholt wrote:
> * Steven M. Parrish <[email protected]> [2008-12-23 09:06]:
> > I am having an issue with Eclipse failing to start on F10.
> Try running with the -clean option.  If that doesn't work, try moving
> ~/.eclipse out of the way:  mv ~/.eclipse{,.bak20081223}; eclipse .  If
> *that* doesn't work, run with -consolelog -debug and paste the output
> into a bug at
> Thanks,
> Andrew

Thanks Andrew,

Turns out I there was a conflict between me running Eclipse x86_64 and the 
default JRE I had installed was 32bit.  Removed the 32bit JRE and set the 
default to the 64bit one using  "alternatives --config java".

Now Eclipse is running great!


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