Re: Hidden download performance problem with Fedora 6-10

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> > On Fri, Dec 19, 2008 at 12:21 PM, Joshua C. <[email protected]> wrote:
> > +1
> >
> > I've seen really fast mirrors but when it comes to update the speed
> > drops to ~300kbps. when directly downloading from a mirror I get ~
> > 1,6mbps. with other distro I haven't seen this, though. it is not a
> > connection problem but a fedora problem (I think).
> >
> > if i can assist, let me know.
> >
> > 2008/12/19, Kevin Fenzi <[email protected]>:
>> >> On Fri, 19 Dec 2008 10:39:31 -0800
>> >> Chuck <[email protected]> wrote:
>> >>
>>> >>> I have not used Fedora because of the following issue.
>>> >>>
>>> >>> I get VERY SLOW performance or hangs when downloading from
>>> >>> repositories etc. on every Fedora version I have tried. I have seen >>> >>> users raising this issue since Fedora Core 4. So I can't use Fedora;
>>> >>> but would like to.  I apologize for the length of the message.  I
>>> >>> have tried the Forum but got no help there.
>> >>
>> >> ...snip...
>> >>
>>> >>> Non-stop.  Just over an hour duration.  Full speed and ON THE VERY
>> >>

> It appears that there is a bandwidth shaper involved ...
> It is not uncommon for ISPs to hobble links when they
> detect some types of download.
> Also when packets are lost the link speed and TCP/IP window for the
> download is reshaped.  One Vista I see what you see so I am inclined
> to believe that the network has issues.
> I would use the bandwidth limits of curl or wget to see if I can
> keep under the rate that triggers packet loss or detection triggers.
> --
> NiftyFedora
> T o m M i t c h e l l

Thanks for the idea.

Some added info.
  1)  I can boot many OSs on the same hardware by using a disk caddy
      for the boot drive.
  2)  Debian, Ubuntu, PCLinuxOS, Suse, ArchLinux (and others) work
      just fine as far as downloading speed is concerned.
  3)  On an installed Fedora 9 on this machine, I tested with and
      without IPV6, and even switched which NIC went to internet.
      Results were the same: No Good.
  4)  Oh yes, I had a similar problem on a different PC as well.
      Fedora produced the only distros that failed.

I can explore the suggestion re: bandwidth shaper, but am curious as to
why my network would be only sensitive to downloads that Fedora initiates.

Also, if some tweak to wget makes it work, what about yum and friends?

If you are on the right track, ie, the download is too fast, then I offer the suggestion that Fedora doesn't allow enough buffer space for the enet driver to handle the traffic. Buffer becomes full, transfer stops, "peer" decides that there is some error, resets connection, and we go to retry or next mirror.
I'll let you know what happens...


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