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Em Sáb 20 Dez 2008, Marc Schwartz escreveu:
> "Marcelo Magno T. Sales" <[email protected]> writes:
> > Hi, people
> >
> > Some sites I visit are displayed with text rendering problems when
> > I see them in FX3 on F10. However, FX3 on Windows displays them
> > correctly. I've setup fonts in the Linux version exactly the same
> > as they are in Windows.
> > Most common problems is text being truncated, or text that should
> > be displayed in one line being broken in two lines, sometimes with
> > the second line being truncated, sometimes with it overwriting
> > other text. Besides font configuration, what else may be causing
> > this problems?
> >
> > Thanks,
> >
> > Marcelo
> I suspect that is has to do with some interaction between Gecko,
> Cairo and Pango. There are many posts in various fora discussing both
> font rendering and page layout problems with FF under Linux.
> One of my favorite "broken" web sites using FF on Linux is
> Computerworld:
> The entire navigation column that is supposed to be on the left hand
> side of the page is in fact centered, resulting in the primary page
> content being pushed down to below the navigation column.

Funny, this site is displayed perfectly here. However, I've seen others 
displayed exactly they way you described, but I don't know if they look 
correctly in FX3 on Windows.
Very weird...


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