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On Thu, 2008-12-18 at 14:50 -1000, David Burns wrote:
> If there's only one person using the proxy, how does it speed things
> up? Faster the second time (in other words, usually it won't)?
> bandwidth savings from skipping ads?

If there's only one user, that's about the only advantage that I can
see.  The other is revisiting a page, some websites don't cache well in
the browser's cache (because they're deliberately written to make that
fail), yet Squid sometimes caches them.  So a revisit is quicker.

Running a proxy does have disadvantages:  It's unavoidable that more
processing is more work.  A proxy in between can slow things down, as
first the browser asks, the proxy gets, then the browser does.  You use
more drive space caching in the proxy and the browser.  More software
generally does include more problems.  And some sites are
proxying/caching hostile.

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