'Whois" connected to my network

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# netstat -vat

tcp 0 0 adsl-76-241-133-81.ds:30661 ESTABLISHED

# whois
[Querying whois.arin.net]
AT&T Internet Services SBCIS-SBIS-6BLK (NET-76-192-0-0-1)
se4.bcvloh PPPoX SBC-76-241-128-0-20-0707094338 (NET-76-241-128-0-1)

# ARIN WHOIS database, last updated 2008-12-12 19:10
# Enter ? for additional hints on searching ARIN's WHOIS database.
[[email protected]_64 mickey]# netstat -vat
Active Internet connections (servers and established)

AT&T/SBC is my Internet provider, but why would they have a ESTABLISHED connection to my network.
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